September 21, 2009

Don't Let Them In Our House!

I know in these times of want and woe, some people are going to sell their tickets. I've done that myself before, so I can't blame you. But I'm asking you, as one Twelve to another, to do everything in your power to keep tickets out of the knobby sausage-hands of Bears fans.

This Sunday, our team is not going to be at full strength. This means that the Twelve Army must achieve a 2005-Giants-game level of noise... We need to leave Jay Cutler looking even more befuddled and mopey than usual. Ideally, he'll run screaming to the visitors' locker room with his hands plastered over the earholes of his helmet... I want a MINIMUM of five false start penalties by Chicago on Sunday. They need to fly back to Chicago not only defeated, but traumatized by their whole experience in Seattle.

You know those placards you still see on the back of some big-rig trucks? The creepy post 9/11 propaganda of "No aid or comfort to the enemy! No Way!" That should be our rallying cry this week across Seahawks Nation. Every ticket you give/sell to a Bears fan... every friend from Chicago festooned in an Urlacher jersey that you bring to the game... it weakens the Twelve Army at our greatest moment of need.

So keep your tickets, Twelves! Clutch them to your bosoms, and then release your war cry this Sunday! Only together, 53 + about 67,000, can we defeat the Windy City Menace!

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