September 4, 2009

Get your "Curry's Crew" Gear Here!

As pointed out by Rob Staton on the indispensible Seahawks Draft Blog, Aaron Curry is calling for folks to join "Curry's Crew." Here's what AC said on his facebook page:

"What does everyone think about wearing lime green shirts to the home opener? Trying to start 'Curry's crew....' and lime green will be our color.....thoughts?" - Aaron Curry

Now, I might not do this... I'm not exactly svelte, and the dark blue is much more flattering to my body type than the bright lime green. I'm afraid I'd look like a radioactive whale in the green gear... but if you want to gear up and join Curry's Crew AND help DKSB going strong, order through the following links:

Seattle Seahawks 2009 Lime Green Flex Sideline Structured Hat

Seattle Seahawks Prime Player Sideline Green T-Shirt by Reebok

Lofa Tatupu Seattle Seahawks Women's Fashion Football Jersey

Seattle Seahawks Lime Green 2009 Sideline Inverter Performance Crew

So, that's a start. What do you think, sirs?

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