September 27, 2009

Bears 25, Seahawks 19

I've got no words of comfort or solace for the Twelve Army tonight. That was a brutal, knee-to-the-groin loss. We saw a Seattle team that fought until and after it started spitting up blood, but couldn't overcome a rancid stew of mistakes, injuries, and blown calls by the officials. The rest of this season will be an agonizing week-to-week war of attrition. The wins won't be pretty, and the losses could be downright horrific.

A relatively favorable schedule gives the Seahawks a shot at clawing into the playoffs, but their margin for error shrinks every week. Next week at Indy isn't a must win (particularly as a non-conference game), but it's close.

There is hope, but it's clouded by reality: This is a wounded team, and we can't wait for the wins to come until everyone is healthy. Seneca Wallace once again showed that he can be effective in short stretches, but he also reminded us of his limitations... Matt Hasselbeck gives Seattle the best chance to win (if he is healthy).

This team is going to end the season between 7-9 and 9-7. Nine wins will probably get the Seahawks in the playoffs, but those nine victories will be won only with blood. Nothing will come easy for this Seattle team, but it can survive and still prevail in the end.

I hope you're ready for a fight, Twelves. We will be mocked and ridiculed until the moment we stand victorious over a playoff opponent. They will laugh at our uniforms, and they will deride our team as gutless failures. We know the truth, but it's up for this team to go out there on the field and shut those mother fuckers up.

Are they up to the task? I honestly don't know.

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