September 15, 2009

Seattle Murder Machines

The season won't end if the Seahawks lose on Sunday at SF, but the rest of it will be a whooooooole lot easier if we just go ahead and win. On Sunday Seattle faces:

1. A road game, which even though this is an away game we usually win (5-2 at SF since joining the NFC West), the national media still assumes we're Detroit Lions West when we play away from Qwest.

2. A divisional game. Last year Arizona went 6-0 against the West, and 3-7 against the rest of the NFL. Let me repeat that: 3-7!!. If you dominate your division opponents, that will likely mean a trip to the postseason (unless you absolutely crater in all your other games). Sunday is one more game to tick off the checklist.

3. The 49ers. It seems like every year they are supposed to "break through" and get back to the top of the division they dominated before realignment. Now they have preening tough-guy Mike Singletary as their Head Coach, and one win against a mediocre Arizona team has the media anointing them as Kings of the West yet again.

(Rolls eyes, makes wanking motion)

Sorry Niners, when you let us crash your little NFC West party, we took over for good. We need to party like it's 2007 and pulverize their little dreams into dust. How about we knock out Shaun Hill with a separated shoulder, just for nostalgia's sake?

So this is about as big as a week 2 game can get. Win, and we are clearly the team to beat in the NFC West for 2009. Lose? We'll probably be scraping and clawing to get into the playoffs through week 17. I prefer the first option personally.

What do you think, sirs?


pfah said...

i think we win a close one Beard.

21-17 or something along those lines.

i am nervous about this Sunday, but i believe we'll come out of Candlesuck as victors.

i'd really like to see Housh get more involved, but if his presence on the field makes more throws open for Nate and Carlson, so be it. i'd just like to see him score a TD in Week 2. and i REALLY want Curry & Co. to shut down Gore. if we can do that, and keep pressure on Hill, we should win this game.


my wife rolled her eyes and smiled when i flew the 'Hawks flag out in front of our house Sunday. she also rolled her eyes but didn't smile when, after the game, i ran out into the front yard and drunkenly screamed "Take that you fucking Rams!!! WOOOOOOO!!"

scared the shit out of the people looking at the house for sale next door too.

Zem said...

Consider me unconcerned. I consider the Niners a tough opponent, and a talented team, but, if the Seahawks play well, the Niners aren't dangerous at all.

Singletary has also shown a complete inability to game plan effectively against the Seahawks offense.

They can't run the ball and their quarterback is a game manager. The Hawks don't turn over the ball, they win. Its simple.

Chip said...

Oh bearded one, greetings from Virginia Seahwawks fan club from the Presidant, VP, Sec, Treas, and it's only member in VA. A state where the Pink Hogs and Iron Workers of Pitt dominate the sport. I still can't let go of SBXL, Every time i adjusted my color on my TV, I couldn't get the yellow stripes off the jerseys of the officials. Those two teams dominate the news, the TV, and the papers, Thank GOD for Direct TV. SEAHAWKS FOREVER