September 4, 2009

Proving Ground

I'll be shocked if the Seahawks don't start 3-0. This isn't just my usual pro-Hawks propaganda either. The first two teams we play aren't any good, and then we play a decent Chicago team, but we play them in front of a horde of screaming Twelves. That should be enough to rattle a QB (Cutler) who has never played at Qwest.

Some of you might be concerned about that week 2 game at Candlestick. You probably also slather your kids with hand sanitizer every time they touch a clump of dirt. Lighten up, because Singletary and his craven minions, to use the common tounge, "aint shit."

So we shave the Rams and take their wool, we steal all SF's gold and pack it back to Seattle, where we then go all Tony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin on the Bears. Seattle will be 3-0 and we'll all be rightfully jubilant. But get ready for it... You'll hear a lot of this the week before the Colts game:

"Seattle has never started 4-0!"

"They're awful in these 10 am games!"

"They're an terrible road team!"

and so on... That dust-up a month from now at Indianapolis will tell us more about this team than the first three games combined. If the Hawks lose, it's unlikely to be any kind of deathblow, but if they win?

If the Hawks start 4-0, including a win at Indy, the XLIV talk will start... probably from me.

Don't give me this "take it one game at a time" crap either. The PLAYERS should do that, of course. But us fans? Half the fun of being a fan is spinning crazy scenarios for the season out of your brainpan... So I'll continue to fantasize about Aaron Curry and Leroy Hill being the bread in a "Payton Manning and a concussion" sammich, thank you very much.

Bonus Word Barf: As I said earlier, the Hawks have never started 4-0. How have 3-0 Seattle teams fared ofter dropping to 3-1?

1986: 10-6, no playoffs
1998: 8-8, no playoffs
2003: 10-6, Wild Card
2004: 9-7, NFC West Champs
2006: 9-7, NFC West Champs

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