September 4, 2009

Seahawks 31, Raiders 21 (AKA I never understood... Don't F**k with me, uh-huh)

First of all, I apologize if I cannibalize my in-game tweets for much of this post, and I have to admit that I only got to watch the first half... Part of the fun of being unemployed and living with your mother-in-law is sharing a computer with four other people. I was able to step out to a sports bar to watch the first half, and it was like 90 minutes of free advertising for NFL Sunday Ticket.

I got to listen to this pathetic clump of barflies complain about their sex lives and argue about the timelines of their various divorces... I got to watch these poor waitresses trudge through another shitty night at work placating drunk assholes in an effort to scrape out some tips... Frankly it was a big fucking downer. It was reason #1253 that I'm stoked to be GOING TO THE OPENER... Woo!

Anyway, on to the game. highlights here...

Some people might get a tad annoyed by Aaron Curry's clear obsession with the film 300, but as long as he keeps kicking ass like Leonidas himself, I don't mind. AC came out and played like Jughead in that one Archie Comic where they drew a hamburger on the ball, and a thousand people decided they needed an Aaron Curry jersey (which you can purchase at the DKSB Seahawks Shop, of course... hint hint). This kid is absolutely going to mangle the league in our names, fellow Twelves.

Mike Teel just looks the part of an NFL QB, doesn't he? I'm not ready to declare him the next Hasselbrady to rise from late-round pick to super-stardom, but the former Scarlet Knight's performance has me feeling OK about the team's depth at QB. By the way, whenever I hear the term "scarlet knights," I think of

A) Those red guards the Emperor had in Return of the Jedi
B) A classy soft-core cinemax porno starring Scar-Jo... Yeah, I know it doesn't exist... but it should.

What else can be said about Nick Reed, other than he must be happy to be out of those god-awful Oregon uniforms for good? Five tackles, a sack and forced fumble is a great night for anyone, even if you are playing (snort) (laugh) the Raiders.

It's 2 am out here in O-H-I-O so I'm going to wrap this up... Another imperfect but solid performance from our Hawks, which leaves me excited to see how badly the blueshirts fustigate the Rams nine days from now. See y'all there!

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