September 9, 2009

TV Coverage Map from the 506: Week 1

The 506 is doing the Lord's work putting out these maps, but let me make this 100% clear: NFL Sunday Ticket is the best $250 you will EVER spend in your life. No need to go to sports bars if you're outside the Seahawks zones on these maps, no dealing with idiot waitstaff who try to switch the channel away from the Hawks... No Steelers fans to deal with, no shitty overpriced appetizers to cram down your gullet...

God, I'm depressing myself... No Sunday Ticket for me at the current moment, but I will be at the game Sunday, y'all.

Week 1 US Population with over-the-air access to Seahawks: 16.9 million
Week 1 Percentage of US Pop. with OTA access to Seahawks: 5.6%


Misfit said...

5 months free deal by DirecTV right now essentially pays for NFL Sunday ticket. I made the switch and am happy. It's a good deal. My monthly bill is less than Comcast's and I have NFL Sunday Ticket. Nice!


Andrew said...

Why is western Idaho and eastern Oregon not considered part of the Seahawks viewing area? Does that include Boise? I am not from the area but I would have thought Boise was Seahawks territory. Is that not the case? In that case I am cancelling plans to move to Boise.

Also I heard from Steve Czaban on Fox Sports Radio this morning that DirecTV is lowering the price of NFL Sunday Ticket for new subscribers? Has anyone heard that? I have been paying the $300+ for the Sunday Ticket HD package for several years (still the finest $300 I spend each year). But are people paying less and getting the same package now?

pfah said...

i've been using for all of the preseason games. the quality is much worse than my flat screen, but the feed is solid. and i agree with you Beard. i don't want to put up with Steeler fans either, or overpriced food/drink.

walking 10 feet to my fridge for a frosty beverage and not worrying about driving anywhere afterward is enough for me to be happily sitting in my Grandpa's chair at home in front of my bigass Mac monitor this Sunday.

i thought about switching from the Time Warner monopoly we have here in NC to Direct TV, but now i'm not too stressed about it.


DKSB said...

From what I understand, you shouldn't count on regular season games making it to From what I hear the NFL is MUCH more aggressive about taking down those feeds once the games count.

pfah said...

oooh, really DKSB?

shitballs. well, looks like i'll be walking 5 blocks down to the Tobacco Road Sports Cafe in full-on Seahawks gear if gets whacked.

thanks for the heads-up brother.