September 10, 2009

Our Fevered Minds Dream Only of Revenge

The fantasies of Seahawks fan regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers fall into two categories:

A) The Steelers go 0-16, with Heinz Field and its useless playing surface collapsing into the river. Rothlisberger goes crazy from syphilis, Polumalu's hair falls out, and Hines Ward is exposed as a double agent working for North Korea.

B) The Steelers reach XLIV, where they meet the surprising NFC Champions: The Seattle Seahawks. After two weeks of unrelenting hype, Landshark Stadium (really, Dolphins? Really?) is packed with piss-yellow towel waving Yinzer idiots, all expecting a repeat of XL's result.

The officiating isn't an issue this time around, however, as the Seahawks lay a Cowboys-over-Bills-level beatdown on Pittsburgh. As drunk Pennsylvanians stagger heartbroken out of the stadium, Matt Hasselbeck triumphantly raises the Lombardi trophy skyward... a few thousand twelves decked out in bright green and blue lustily cheer him on....

I don't know about you guys, but B) sounds better to me... soooo.....

Go Steelers?

That really doesn't sound right, does it?

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