September 23, 2009

Just back it up, Housh. Just back it up.

"Jerry Angelo probably didn’t think I could play, so I’m going to show him Sunday." -TJH

I know a lot of people are going to react negatively to this, thinking TJH soundn't "make the Bears mad" or give them "bulletin board material."

I say Fuck That.

I say that these guys haven't proven shit or done shit yet, and that they are coming into OUR stadium this Sunday. They've living off the reputation created by two Super Bowl appearances 21 years apart, and the main component of their most recent NFC title (Urlacher) isn't even going to be dressed for this game.

They are, as Al Capone might say, nothing but a lot of talk and a badge.

They're the ones who should be worried this weekend. They haven't won a game in Seattle since Jimmy Carter was the President-Elect. They aren't going to be prepared for the atmosphere at Qwest. They need to figure out how to cover John Carlson. They need to figure out how they are going to get to our QB (Hass or Seneca) if Walter Jones is back at Left Tackle. They need to conjure up some way to protect Jay Cutler from a defense that is ferocious at home (yeah, they have a lot of work to do on the road)... My point is that a lot of fans tend to absorb the media spin that these are the Seachickens, and any win they secure is from dumb luck or the other team fucking up.

Fuck that! We are Seahawks! Vicious predators! We're gonna swoop down on the Bears en mass and pluck out eyes and tongues with our razor sharp talons and beaks!

Get to the end zone Sunday, TJH... and show those Windy City Asstards who runs this shit.

Who the fuck is with me?????


Thiago said...

Hey man what's up?

I'm from Brazil and i'm a Seahawks fan just like you.

TJH will prove he worths the millions he is being paid and Seahawks will win NFC West.

I love your Blog!!

Good Luck!

Ps: My dream is to go to Seattle.

Lori Thompson said...

Oh my goodness, razor sharp talons and teeth to pluck out their eyes? SOOOOOO with you! GO HAWKS!

Tina said...

Totally with you on this one!! The sad thing is that we will never get the respect of the NFL or the country EVER!!

We could win 5 Superbowls in a row and we will STILL be the seachickens!!

Let's take it one game at a time... I think a win at home against the Bears is within reach whether Matt plays or not!! I also think it will make a huge statement that we are not going down easily... we have players with heart who will be giving 1000% after the game last week.


Zem said...

We need to find a way to get Housh the god damn ball.

I don't give a fuck about the media and its driving me apeshit that most Seahawks fans are chalking this game up as a loss.

We do not lose at home.

bleedshawkblue said...

Ditka-fluffing Asstards!

I heard that here from The Beard hisself! Chicago will have minus total rushing yards midway through the 4th quarter and Cutler will throw 4 interceptions. Their D will allow over 300 yards passing and 200 yards rushing and they will lose 48 - 3.

And afterward, the national media will devote all their time to a jizzfest about how much better the Bears are than everyone, especially whatever they have up there in South Alaska.

Wylie said...

Back before the Bengals, before Oregon, TJ was at Cerritos college, getting some academic training to push up his NCAA eligibility. From yours truly...I was his tutor.

And he had plenty of attitude then, boy did he ever. Decent guy, he challenged me to really step up and get him in shape academically. I'm glad he made it.

pfah said...

i'm with you Beard!

i would love to see Chicago head home after an ass-kicking of epic proportions this Sunday. TJH goes off for 2 TD's and Carlson adds 3 more. 48 - 3? yeah, why not? it can happen.