January 26, 2009

Dear Dan Rooney: We hate you, and we will never ever shut up about XL.

You may have heard the story of the (unconfirmed) letter Dan Rooney sent to a Seahawks fan who questioned the legitimacy of Pittsburgh's "thumb ring."

If the letter is real, I think it's a compelling bit of evidence that the Steelers are insecure and touchy about XL.. even at the absolute highest levels of the organization. I want to say this to everyone out there reading.. particularly any Steelers fans:

We hate Pittsburgh. We despise the Steelers and all their fans. I don't have any friends who are Steelers fans, but if I met someone and FOUND OUT they were Steelers fans, I wouldn't want to hang out with them for another nano-second. It's not something lighthearted. It's not something we can poke fun at each other about. It's a jagged, bleeding wound for every Seahawks fan, and frankly every time I see someone in Pittsburgh gear I sort of want to punch them in the face (regardless of age or gender).

There is no room for negotiation. There can be no accommodation. There is no middle ground. One can either be on the side of right and reason, or be a dirty, dirty Yinzer fuckwad. We will never, ever forgive XL, and we will never see your Championship as legitimate. You absconded with OUR Lombardi Trophy, and I told Bettis that to his fat face.... Indianapolis 2006:

We wandered over to the area near the NBC broadcast stage, and Jerome Bettis was signing autographs less than 10 feet away. He started moving towards the stairs to go back into make-up, and suddenly it was the moment of truth. Would I say something about the injustice of XL, or would I just sit there brownthumbed & slack-jawed?

I decided to speak truth to power…


He did not acknowledge my insolence, but more than one of the Seahawks fans around me whooped and exclaimed “damn!”

Bonus: Here's the letter yours truly wrote to Tagliabue after XL...

What do y'all think?


Nate said...

I am from Pittsburgh, a diehard Steeler fan as you are a Seahawks fan. I live in Seattle now. What you should try to understand is that the more you and Hawks fan's like you post stuff like this and stay pissed off and whine, the more enjoyable the victory in Superbowl XL is for Steerl fans that read this stuff. Honelsty, do you think any of us has one ounce of guilt for how that game turned out? Good luck finding a Steeler fan that does. So no matter what you say yor how many old ladys with Steelers gear you punch in the face, guess what....your team still doenst't have a ring. And oh by the way, in 2007 when you guys had a chance to redeem your pride by beating us at Heinz Field what happened? Don't recall? A shutout 21-0 with no contraversial calls. Did you write the Commish after that? Sorry I can't keep this reply going but I have to run to the post office to send in my contribution to the Payoff-the-corrupt-NF-referee fund. Big game coming up this Sunday ya know.

DKSB said...

First of all, the XL referees were not bought off. They were just incompetent and intimidated by a partisan Super Bowl crowd they were unprepared to deal with. Plus, you know, the official that called offensive P.I. on Darrell Jackson was from fucking Pittsburgh.

Guess what else? We don't give a fuck what you think. Captain Caveman on KSK said it best:

These are the intellectual midgets who will point out that I, as a Seahawks fan, am only bitter because of Super Bowl XL. To which I say, FUCKING GODDAMN RIGHT. And I will be until the day I die. I’m entitled to this bitterness. It’s what Seahawks fans got instead of a victory parade.

So if my bitterness makes you feel better about XL, so be it. Doesn't make that Lombardi Trophy you're holding any more legitimate.