January 6, 2009

Just a Gentle Reminder for Josh Brown: Lick the White Dogshit, Butthole!

The Slave to the Businessman just took another shot right in the fleshy patch where a man's berries would typically be found. Not only did he flee to a 2-14 team that actually ended up paying him LESS money after taxes than the Seahawks were offering... Now his much cheaper replacement beat him out for the kicker's slot on Mike Sando's All-NFC-West team.

I learned a harsh lesson though.. I'm not about to run out and buy that Olindo Mare jersey... Ugh. Here's the photographic evidence of my embarrassing past:


Aaron Weinberg said...

Lol that's a quality photo. I saw a lot of people wearing Brown jersey's at the Rams game, but they often played with his last name by blocking out the B and the R and making it read clown.

I did a write-up on this earlier and Mare actually outperformed Brown in every aspect of play this season.


Aaron said...

Hey, I feel your pain, mang: I once owned an Adam Viniateri jersey...and then he went and joined the Colts. Ugh.

To my mind, that was even worse than Johnny Damon shaving off his caveman beard and joining the Evil Empire, because Damon was already past his prime when he split.re