January 3, 2009

Revisiting Predictions; Stealing Ideas from Other Blogs.

Move over, Danny O'Neil.. I'm stealing your idea!

Here's my NFL predictions from August... Ha ha ha ha!

What I got right:

-Vikings 10-6 & Champs of the NFC North
-Chargers win AFC West (ok, I had them at 14-2, not 8-8)
-I called it! Saints at 8-8, Skins at 8-8, Eagles at 9-7 (close enough to 9-6-1), Jets at 9-7, and the Colts as an AFC Wild Card.
-I was only correct on two of eight division champs (Vikings and Chargers) and five of 12 playoff teams.

What I got wrong:

-Almost everything else.
-Seahawks 12-4? Um, no. Dolphins and Ravens at 4-12? Great job, Nostradamus! Last place Titans? Don't quit your day job, John Edward!

I could still be right about the Chargers going to XLIII, but I highly doubt that one.

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