January 14, 2009

Seahawk Dreams

I regularly have dreams about the Seahawks, but last night's was particularly weird.

For whatever reason, I couldn't watch a Seahawks game. The weird part? It was a playoff game between this year's 4-12 Hawks and the Denver Broncos. Even within the dream, I had a hard time believing that Seattle was in the playoffs, and against an AFC opponent. I checked ESPN.com and texted my friends, both to get updates and make sure that it wasn't a dream (yes, within the dream).

The dream Seahawks won this dream playoff game 60-57. In OT. Extremely plausible, no?

It took me a few minutes after waking up to realize none of it had happened, and that realization somewhat ruined my morning.

God, I am a nerrrrrrrrrrrd.

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