January 5, 2009

Off Topic: Am I Insane?

I don't want to send traffic to this product's site, but I just wanted to rant about this... A certain pro football website prominently features an ad about a weight-loss product targeted at women. This is what they display as before and after pictures:


Hey that girl is pretty attractive! Nice hair, pretty face, in decent shape.. Looks approachable and cute. Me likey!


Ahhh! My eyes!!!! I bet if you took that shirt off, you could see her ribs about to poke straight through her translucent bat-like skin! And where did her bewbage go? To quote Patton Oswalt: Starches! Here.. Finish my fries! Do most men really prefer the "smack-addict who just escaped from a death camp" look?

Insight, please?


Lori Thompson said...

This is why I love your blog! Yes, the first girl looks healthy, not fat. And the second girl, she looks like the clothes could fall off her and no curves.

But, to each his own...

Steve said...

Dude, I'm all over her as the before. At 250+ plus pounds I would kill that after girl if I even tried to hug her.