January 6, 2009

This is what I want to wear to Canton in August...

As you may have read on Seahawk Addicts, Cortez Kennedy is one of 17 Hall of Fame finalists for this year's class. Here's the full list:

Cris Carter
Dermontti Dawson
Richard Dent
Russ Grimm
Bob Hayes
Claude Humphrey
Cortez Kennedy
Bob Kuechenberg
Randall McDaniel
John Randle
Andre Reed
Shannon Sharpe
Bruce Smith
Paul Tagliabue
Derrick Thomas
Ralph Wilson
Rod Woodson

You need 80% of the vote to get in, and I'd rank Tez's chances this year behind Carter, Woodson, Smith, Thomas, Reed and Randle. It would need to be a BIG class this year for Tez to get in, but it's possible.

If/when he makes it, I vow to be there for his induction. Plus, I vow I'm going to get a Tez #99 jersey custom-made for that, given that he wore 99 to honor fallen friend Jerome Brown in his defensive POY season of 1992. Anyone can find a #96 Tez jersey, and I have a deep-seated compulsion to be Mr. "Ooh! I'm so special! No one is as hard core as me!!"

Yes, I'm that big of a nerd.

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