January 19, 2009

What awful XLIII calamity would you enjoy most?

A) Arizona goes into an XL-like atmosphere of 70,000 braying Yinzers waving their piss-yellow hankies. They outplay Pittsburgh, but are clearly screwed over by the officials, who are once again cowed into fear by a football media and un-Super-Bowl-like crowd DEMANDING another Lombardi Trophy for the Steelers.

Welcome to our world, Cards.

B) The Steelers lose because of one or more BLATANTLY awful calls by the officials. These are mistakes on the level of Testaverde's Phantom Touchdown, and their fans feel justified in their righteous anger. The response of a couple million Seahawks fans?


Stings like a bitch, don't it, you Yinzer fucks?

C) XLIII is the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. Arizona wins the toss, and the Steelers kick the ball out of bounds. Warner hits Fitzgerald for about a 20 yard gain, and the drive stalls, but Rackers nails a 53-yarder for the win.

Cue Steelers Nation whining all winter, spring and summer about OT being sudden death. Douchers.

D) Pittsburgh goes all XXIV on Arizona, comprehensively shattering the franchise and sending it back to the desert utterly humiliated. This absolute destruction of the Cardinals clears the path for Seattle to ascend back to the top of the NFC West in 2009.

Any other fantasies of Schadenfreude from y'all?


Misfit said...

I gave my SB dream scenario in a previous post. :)

Also, how about adding 'Other' to that 'who are you rooting for' poll?

Surely you jest.

JRuss said...

This is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario.

The reasons to root against the Stealers are legion. However, how much would it stink for the Cards to get the Lombardi and leave the Hawks as the only team in our division without one?

I'll be pretending that this Super Bowl just isn't happening. La,la,la.