January 4, 2009

Getting to know your new favorite team (for this week, anyway)

The San Diego Chargers. Team of Burgundy, team of Marmalard. First of all, who could really lather up hate for a team that dresses its cheerleaders up like that? Yeah, I usually find the women chosen to be cheerleaders too skinny and fake, but that is just hawwwwt.

The Chargers play at Pittsburgh this week, and like all loyal Americans not infected with the dreaded Yinzervirus, I want the boys in Powder Blue to emerge victorious. Here's some fun facts about San Diego and its team...

1. The Chargers are the only old school AFC West foe Seattle has a winning record against (25-23), and the Hawks have won 5 of 6 meetings this decade. Even in the sole defeat to SD in 2006, the blow was softened by the Hawks clinching the NFC West title midway through the 4th quarter. Not a lot of hate petrol to find there.

2. In my opinion, SD's powder blue jerseys are probably the coolest looking ones in the NFL (besides ours of course).

3. Seattle and San Diego are the 15th and 17th biggest metropolitan areas in the US, and both are growing at a nice 5-8% rate since 2000. Pittsburgh? It's shed 3 percent of its population of subhuman mole-men who put french fries on salad.

4. San Diego has 264 days of sunshine every year, and temps rarely exceed 80 F or fall below 50 F. Cripes, can I move there now?

5. San Diego is the largest US city that has never won a major pro sports championship. They even think there is a curse... Since the Hawks are already eliminated, why not pull for them to get a ring this season?

6. Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron is from San Diego, and Eddie Vedder grew up there... Hard for a loyal northwesterner to hate on that, baby.

7. Finally, I must remind you that they dress their cheerleaders up like this...

Go Chargers! :-]


Amy said...

What was the theme for their outfits, nine ways to give yourself a boner while fulfilling all your not-so-secret costumed fantasies?

Aaron Weinberg said...

Seahawks blogs need a lot more of this ;)