January 15, 2009

Super Bowl Party Fashion Question

The biggest holiday of the year is fast approaching, y'all. Christmas is only somewhat in the game with Super Bowl Sunday thanks to the presents. Other than that, nothing comes close to the culmination of the NFL season. Every year I either host or attend a party, and even if it's Cards/Steelers in XLIII, I'll be at another one glued to the action.

As far as I'm concerned, there are only two appropriate things to wear at a Super Bowl party:

1. A t-shirt commemorating that Super Bowl, bought in the two weeks before the game.


2. Your team's gear (Seahawks, natch)

It's a celebration, bitches.. of football, of the NFL... of America... Fuck yeah! You have to, as the kids say, represent.

What about you? Any fashion rules for your Super Bowl Party?

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