January 7, 2009

Hass to Minnesota for a Second Round Pick? Al Swearengen's reaction below...

Danny O'Neil brings us the story of a St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter who apparently thinks that Beck might be available to the Vikings for a 2nd round pick.

As they used to say on Greg The Bunny... Puppet, please.

These fucking guys... Who stole Hutchinson from us, and WHO FUCKING RUINED OUR 2006 SEASON, think that they can get our franchise QB for a 2nd round pick?

I'll leave the rest to the esteemed NFL analysts of Deadwood, South Dakota:

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Aaron said...

Relax, dude. Hass isn't going anywhere. Minnesota's next QB will be Matt Cassel. New England is going to franchise him, because they can't afford to let him skate for nothing, especially with the doubts about Brady's knee. But once they find out Brady's fine, they won't be able to keep Cassel and tie up $29 million of cap in two players who can't be on the field at the same time.

They will then trade Cassel to a QB-starved team, preferably out of the AFC, with good veteran defenders available to trade. Remind you of anybody?