January 6, 2009

Even Seahawks Fans Can Be Complete Retards

I read this on Mike Sando's NFC West blog today, from his "mailbag" post.

Mike B. from Los Angeles writes: Sando, do you know when Matt Hasselbeck's roster bonus is due? With a huge cap number of $9.45 million this year, it seems likely that he'll be dumped before that is due to be paid, assuming that's what the Seahawks have in mind (oh, please, please...).

Oh, Mike B... I can only assume Mama B. let you eat too many lead paint chips as a child, or you have the memory of Guy Pearce in Memento.

He's not the only one out there displaying a level of reasoning equal to whoever greenlighted The Spirit, though... I've run into FAR too many Hawks fans ready to push the greatest QB who has ever suited up in Seahawks blue out to sea on an ice floe.

So shortsighted. So stupid. So ignorant of both franchise history and the NFL's present. In 33 seasons, the Seahawks have had exactly TWO elite QBs (Krieg and Hasselbeck) and have spent the spaces in between those guys searching fruitlessly for their replacements. It's not a coincidence that our two great eras of success were with these guys under center. They are not easily replaced.

I understand the Field Gulls-type argument that we only rarely get a shot to obtain a QB with a high-first-round pick, but I would argue strongly that using our #4 pick on a QB when Beck still has greatness left in him is wrong-headed. This year players like Jake Delhomme and Kurt Warner have helped prove two things:

1. QBs CAN bounce back from significant injuries to an elite level
2. QBs CAN play at an elite level well into their late 30s

Matt Hasselbeck will turn 34 in September. Kurt Warner is 37. From ages 34-37, Steve Young led the NFL in passer rating twice. John Elway (ugh) won Super Bowl rings at ages 37 and 38. Brad Johnson led Tampa Bay to a ring at age 35, blah blah blah... You get the point. Our #4 pick in the draft should be spent on protection for Hass, or weapons for him to utilize... NOT on his replacement.

Mike B. from Los Angeles... Hass is going to lead us back to the playoffs in 2009. If I find out that your stupid monkey ass is wearing a Beck jersey, or pretending that you never spouted that ignorant sewer-blather, I will hunt you down Rick Deckard-style. Then I will punch you right in the cock.

But The Great Sando already gave you a written cock-punching... observe!

Mike Sando: The roster bonus is only $1 million, a lot of money to you and me but not a prohibitive amount for a starting quarterback. The Seahawks expect Hasselbeck to bounce back from his injury.


Seth said...

Yes, let's please not repeat the mistake we made with Dave Krieg. The fumbly one put in another seven years in the league while we suffered through John Friesz.

Tom said...

Hass is great and will lead us to a super bowl. Oher to protect him, healthy recievers and John Carlson tearing it up. i am excited about next year.

Our D will not look like it did last year. Wouldn't mind a FA WR signing but not sure Crab is the way to go. Can't wait to see FA signings before we guess the draft. I would love to see Taylor Mays come back home for the Hawks but that would require a trade (depending on the combine)