January 25, 2009

Move the Super Bowl to Pasadena permanently...

I'm watching all these old Super Bowl highlights on NFLN, and I really wish the league would just move the game to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena permanently. The game hasn't been played there since XXVII in January 1993, but it's a great venue with lots of history, plenty of seating and it's in a giant, neutral city... Not to mention, if you want to make VIPs happy, you can't do better than having the game in the L.A. Metro area.

It was good enough to host XI, XIV, XVII, XXI, and XXVII, and I also love how the game could start in daylight (3:30 pacific time) and move into twilight and night through the game... anyone with me on this one?

Shit, it beats having the game in Indianapolis, no?

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Misfit said...

It would be close enough to travel to, should our beloved Seahawks again make the big dance, so that is a plus (I live in Vancouver, WA).

However, having been there to see a Husky-Bruins game at that stadium some years ago, I was not impressed. That thing is ancient, isn't it?