January 11, 2009

Screw the Cardinals

Yeah, I know Steffes over on Seahawk Addicts has gone the classy route, but I'm not about to get warm and fuzzy and start pulling for our hated division rivals.

They're still the Cardinals, and they're coached by a dude who has an ill-gotten ring from XL*. I'm not about to go soft because they're on a little Hickory Huskers-style run.

I guess the only way I could feel good about AZ going to XLIII would be if they played the Steelers, had to face 70,000 asshead towel-waving Yinzers, and got assplowed by the refs.

Then I would laugh an evil laugh.


Misfit said...

I'm with 'ya. Fack the Cardinals! I hope they get rolled by the Eagles and we get to hear about the danger of an Arizona playoff game being blacked out in the local area again this week.

JRuss said...

I couldn't agree more. The thought of the Cardinals raising the Lombardi makes me physically ill.

No way, no how do I wish them well.