March 17, 2008

80% of DKSB's Readers Appear to be Old Farts

According to a highly scientific* DKSB poll, the plurality of y'all are like me: You were hooked on the Hawks during the Ground Chuck years (83-91). 1983 was the year I became a fan for life... Dave Krieg won the starting QB job with a stirring near-comeback against the Steelers, we swept the hated Raiders in the regular season, won a crazy 51-48 OT game v. KC, and I was introduced to greats like Largent, Easley, Warner and Green.

My dad took me to my first game at the Dome that December, and not only did the Seahawks win, NOT ONLY did Largent score, but the Seahawks clinched the first playoff spot in franchise history. Not a bad way to start, huh? Two weeks later, the Hawks pulled that insane upset in Miami.. Since I was only 8, I expected the Seahawks to win :-]

Sure we lost at L.A. the next week, but it was the start of a great era of Seattle football... and it sure looks like it made a lot of us Hawks fans.

I tip my cap to the old timers who were on board back in the 70s... is it true that Seattle was Raiders country before '76? That's fucking disturbing, man.

And to those of you who adopted the Hawks back in the 90s: I'm impressed. It took balls to be a Seahawks fan in the dark times before Holmgren. For most of the '90s, the most impressive Seahawks accomplishment was Sir-Mix-A-Lot's posse wearing Hawks gear in the Baby Got Back video...

Recent fans might not remember the Dome or the old Blue, Green & Silver unis, but y'all have helped make Qwest Field as ear-shatteringly loud as the Kingdome ever was :-]

*A spectacular lie


Misfit said...

My first Hawks game was:

08/01/1976 49ers @ Seahawks L 27-20

I was almost six.

Since, there have been many great games, but I can thank my Dad for taking me to that first one and many others.

Anonymous said...

Amen about those who came on board during the 90's. Moving vans, the less famous Mcqwire (maybee he should have drank from his older brothers kool-aid stash ;p ) Rick Mier, Air (bag) Flores etc etc. I dont even remember how old I was when started watching games with my dad. I remember being very young and the first Sunday after the season asking him what we were supposed to do on Sundays now that football was over.