March 12, 2008

Seahawks Bracketology: Knox Region First Round

Wow! Thanks to a plug from the good people over at Seahawk Addicts, we've gotten a HUGE response on our Seahawks Bracketology project. I was going to hold off on posting the matchups for the first round of the Knox Region (1980s players) for a bit, but why not strike while the internets are still hot, huh? Here's the Knox Region again:

16. Mike Tice
15. Fredd Young
14. Bruce Scholtz
13. Norm Johnson
12. Paul Moyer
11. Paul Skansi
10. Rufus Porter
9. Bryan Millard
8. Edwin Bailey
7. Jeff Bryant
6. Joe Nash
5. John L. Williams
4. Jacob Green
3. Curt Warner
2. Dave Krieg
1. Kenny Easley

Voting will be open on these until 11:59 Monday (9:59 on the west coast)... Voting in the Patera Region First Round match-ups will be open until 11:59 Sunday. Don't forget about submissions for a "wild-card" player.. I'll take them here in the comments section. As I wrote before:

I should have done a "play in" game just like the NCAA... So fuck it, why can't I do one anyway? :-] One commenter lamented the omission of Nesby Glasgow, so I'll put the challenge up to y'all: Suggest a "wild card" player, and the one with the most support in the comments here will go up against Christian Fauria in a special "play in" game in the Behring Region. I'll set the deadline for submissions as 11:59 pm on Sunday (9:59 for you west coasters).


Michael Steffes said...

I got you set up DKSB, you have a presence at the top of my page until the madness ends. Hope the rapid addicts fans do you well

DKSB said...

I saw! Thanks dude! Keep up the outstanding work over there.

Anonymous said...

In the voting section you have Jacob Green listed as #4 and #5 leaving off J.L. Williams. Great site and great polls!

DKSB said...

Fixed the duplicate Jacob Green problem.. thanks!

Alex said...

I can't believe Efren Herrera isn't doing better.

Michael Steffes said...

Looks like my open campaigning for Michael Jackson is working! Its either that or when he comes out of the steam (yeah right...smoke) with his saxophone (yeah right...waterpipe) an breaks out a sweet solo. Dude is money!