March 18, 2008

DKSB Hits the Road

Cincinnati (2003)

New Orleans (2004)

Indianapolis (2006)

Detroit (2006)

Cleveland (2007)

St. Louis (2007)


Michael Steffes said...

You sooooooo crazy foo! I have that same NEON Green Hat! Embrace the Neon Brutha! What Road games are you hittin' this year?? I am thinking Dallas, and maybe NY if it is on the Thur! Az and San Fran are always likely if I have the time that weekend, but I have been to both those road games several times.

DKSB said...

I love the Bright Seahawks Green! I don't think we should have a jersey that color, but I like the white "fashion" jersey they sell that has neon green sleeves and neon trim on the numbers a lot better than out current road jerseys...

This year I'll probably only be able to go to the road game at STL, one regular season game at Qwest (but I'll be there for the playoffs of course!)... STL is the only road game anywhere close to Springfield this season...