March 11, 2008

Seahawks Bracketology

I'm not that big of a college basketball fan (frankly, I couldn't give less of a crap about college sports in general), but I do like dicking around making random brackets... So let's see how this goes: A 64-team tourney to determine the GREATEST SEAHAWKS PLAYER EVER!!!! Here's my brackets and seedings.

Patera Region (1970s Players)

16. John Sawyer
15. David Sims
14. Kerry Justin
13. Efren Herrera
12. Michael Jackson
11. Steve Raible
10. Dan Doornink
9. Keith Simpson
8. Steve August
7. Keith Butler
6. John Harris
5. Sam McCullum
4. Sherman Smith
3. Dave Brown
2. Jim Zorn
1. Steve Largent

Knox Region (1980s Players)

16. Mike Tice
15. Fredd Young
14. Bruce Scholtz
13. Norm Johnson
12. Paul Moyer
11. Paul Skansi
10. Rufus Porter
9. Bryan Millard
8. Edwin Bailey
7. Jeff Bryant
6. Joe Nash
5. John L. Williams
4. Jacob Green
3. Curt Warner
2. Dave Krieg
1. Kenny Easley

Behring Region (1990s Players)

16. Christian Fauria
15. Patrick Hunter
14. Todd Peterson
13. Robert Blackmon
12. Darryl Williams
11. Shawn Springs
10. Michael Sinclair
9. Joey Galloway
8. Brian Blades
7. Chad Brown
6. Ricky Watters
5. Warren Moon
4. Chris Warren
3. Eugene Robinson
2. Mack Strong
1. Cortez Kennedy

Holmgren Region (2000s Players)

16. Trent Dilfer
15. Mo Morris
14. Josh Brown
13. Joe Jurevicius
12. Rocky Bernard
11. Julian Peterson
10. Chris Gray
9. Robbie Tobeck
8. Darrell Jackson
7. Bobby Engram
6. Steve Hutchinson
5. Lofa Tatupu
4. Marcus Trufant
3. Shaun Alexander
2. Matt Hasselbeck
1. Walter Jones

Let's start with the Patera Bracket... You'll see the match-ups in right-hand margin, and you have until Sunday to vote, so get to it!

UPDATE: I should have done a "play in" game just like the NCAA... So fuck it, why can't I do one anyway? :-] One commenter lamented the omission of Nesby Glasgow, so I'll put the challenge up to y'all: Suggest a "wild card" player, and the one with the most support in the comments here will go up against Christian Fauria in a special "play in" game in the Behring Region. I'll set the deadline for submissions as 11:59 pm on Sunday (9:59 for you west coasters).

Also, I toyed with the idea of a "non-players" bracket, but couldn't make it work... Here's how far I got:

Proposed Kirkland Region

15. .... and that's as far as I got
14. Randy Mueller
13. John Thompson
12. Jack Patera
11. Dennis Erikson
10. The Nordstroms
9. Pete Gross
8. Rusty Tillman
7. Tom Catlin
6. Mike McCormack
5. Tim Ruskell
4. The 12th Man
3. Chuck Knox
2. Paul Allen
1. Mike Holmgren


stallz said...

Love the idea, but where's Nesby Glasgow?

DKSB said...

See, that's the beauty of this! We can debate shit like that! I love Nesby too, but who do you bump from the 80s (or the 90s) bracket? That's part of the problems too, I'll admit... What do you do with the guys that straddle more than one decade?

I decided to put Largent in the Patera Region, but he could have easily gone in the Knox region... Mack Strong and Eugene Robinson are other good examples of this too...

I guess I'd be ok with bumping Mike Tice for Glasgow, but I think it's a wash.. neither would get past the 1st round tilt with Kenney Easley :-]

But keep it up y'all.. debate!

Anonymous said...

Where's Alonzo Mitz?!

DKSB said...

I guess that's one vote for Glasgow, one vote for Mitz so far :-]

Anonymous said...

Where is Bobby Joe Edmounds? Grant Wistrom seems to be missing too. John Kasey played only one fewer season than Todd Peterson who made the list but I remember him more for some reason. Derrick Fenner tied for the nfl lead in td's in 1990. I also loved watching that olyimpic sprinter we had for a while, Micheal bates? Fast as heck but could hold onto the ball. Dont remember when he played.
Instead of non-players bracket you could do a least favorite associated with the Hawks and use people like Berring and Flores and add the Boz and Jeremey Stephens - just an idea. You could add Steve Raible and or the Kingdome to your current Kirkland list too.

DKSB said...

My personal reasoning here:

BJ Edmonds was a tough one to leave off (so was Charlie Rogers)... I considered Fenner, but he really only had one good season...

Grant Wistrom was also tough.. I almost put him on instead of Trent Dilfer, but frankly, I have more vivid memories of Dilfer as a Hawk than I do for Wistrom.

Those are all good suggestions for the "wild-card" spot against Fauria in the play-in game... So far I have one vote each for

Nesby Glasgow
Alonzo Mitz
BJ Edmonds
Grant Wistrom
John Kasay
Derrick Fenner
Michael Bates