March 13, 2008

Seahawks Bracketology: Holmgren Region First Round

Yeah, we're skipping the 90s, but we'll get to the Behring Region after this weekend. Now we start the process of picking the greatest player from the greatest era of Seahawks history... Since 2000:

-A 73-54 Regular Season Record
-Six Winning Seasons
-Five Playoff Appearances
-Four Playoff Victories
-Four NFC West Titles
-One NFC Championship
-3rd best record in the NFL since 2003

The 2005 team looms large over this bracket; only Trent Dilfer and Julian Peterson were not on that squad. So here's the bracket again:

16. Trent Dilfer
15. Mo Morris
14. Josh Brown
13. Joe Jurevicius
12. Rocky Bernard
11. Julian Peterson
10. Chris Gray
9. Robbie Tobeck
8. Darrell Jackson
7. Bobby Engram
6. Steve Hutchinson
5. Lofa Tatupu
4. Marcus Trufant
3. Shaun Alexander
2. Matt Hasselbeck
1. Walter Jones

You can vote on these over in the margin until 11:59 PM (9:59 West Coast time) on March 17.


Anonymous said...

Come now, don't we all know who's going to win this? Who can vote against Largent, the greatest player ever to wear the uniform?

DKSB said...
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DKSB said...

Um, not everyone agrees with that, my man. I've been watching the team since '83, I have a Largent throwback jersey in my closet, and I cried when I attended Largent's last game in 1989...

...and I think Walter Jones is the greatest player to wear the uniform.

So we'll see what happens in the finals, huh? :-]

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...greatest player to ever wear the uniform is Jerry Rice. Mind you not the greatest Seahawk ever since he caught a case of the drops from Stevens and D-Jack and was several years past his prime. He didnt even get an honorable mention. The funny thing about this poll is in 05 SA would have given Largent a good run for his money with so many current fans who never saw Largent play, now people are screaming to have him cut.

DKSB said...

You know, that's a great point. I guess we should be more careful about the term "greatest player to wear the uniform..."

In my book, Jerry Rice is the greatest player I've ever seen, and I tremendously enjoyed his brief time with the Seahawks.

This deserves its own post :-]