March 18, 2008

Holmgren Region Second Round

You know the drill... :-]

#1 Walter Jones v. #9 Robbie Tobeck

#2 Matt Hasselbeck v. #7 Bobby Engram

#3 Shaun Alexander v. #11 Julian Peterson

#4 Marcus Trufant v. #5 Lofa Tatupu

Those last two match-ups should be VERY interesting, don't you think?


anthony said...

Alexander vs. Peterson should be a given. I like Peterson, but Alexander was huge for us despite his recent decline caused by injuries/bad o-line/age.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what choices. I would take most of the guys on BOTH sides of this bracket over many in the other brackets. Kinda sucks to have them all together, as many of them should be in the finals facing each other, not getting knocked out this early.

I agree, that while Alexander isn't a very good player now, he has been much more key to our success and a bigger part of our team for way longer than Peterson.