March 8, 2008

Hypothetical Seahawks 2008 Schedule That I Totally Just Pulled Out of My Ass

The 2008 NFL Schedule will be announced on April 3. Here's my totally uninformed guess as to what it will look like... I'll revisit this a month from now to see how close I came to being right. (I also put my guesses at to the wins and losses)

9/4/08 @ NYG (NFL Kickoff Special on NBC) (0-1)
9/14/08 v. AZ (1-1)
9/21/08 @ Miami (2-1)
9/29/08 v. DC (MNF) (3-1)
10/5/08 (BYE WEEK)
10/12/08 @ STL (4-1)
10/19/08 @ TB (4-2)
10/26/08 v. NE (SNF) (4-3)
11/2/08 v. SF (5-3)
11/9/08 @ AZ (6-3)
11/16/08 v. NYJ (7-3)
11/23/08 v. STL (8-3)
11/27/08 @ DAL (Thanksgiving Day on FOX) (8-4)
12/7/08 @ BUF (Game played at Toronto Skydome) (9-4)
12/14/08 v. PHI (10-4)
12/21/08 @ SF (11-4)
12/28/08 v. GB (12-4)

I've got Seattle going 7-1 at home & 5-3 on the road. 6-0 in the division is not just plausible; It will probably be essential to the quest for HFA. 12-4 should be good enough for at least a first-round bye, don't you think?

I also projected 4 national TV games; two on NBC, one on ESPN and one on FOX thanksgiving day. What do y'all think?


Michael Steffes said...

Dallas for Thanksgiving would make me cream my drawers. I will be going to the inlaws for that game anyway, so why not waste the day at Texas stadium! Woooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

If that is the schedule, I am going to be at a lot of games, All 8 HGs, and maybe NY, Tor, & Dal. Whose with me bitches? Seahawk plan of world domination!

Also, we better beat the Pats at home, else the world just won't be right. They will decline. We almost beat them in Foxboro a couple of years ago. Well, at least it was closer than it should have been considering at that time we were about as tough as barbie dolls on the east coast.

Michael Steffes said...

Oh yeah, and there is no doubt in my mind that Madden and Michaels will be doing the Holmgren V Green Bay last season game. It will give Madden an opportunity to rub himself while talking about Bret Favre and the 90's

DKSB said...

I think if Favre was still playing, the GB game would be a MNF/SNF affair... But outside of Seahawks fans, who will want to watch us beat up on Aaron Rodgers and keep those rancid cheeseheads out of the playoffs?

Anonymous said...

The schedule you have predicted is great except for the loss to NE. The Pats won't know what hit them when they walk into Qwest. Hopefully Brady walks away deaf! Next year is going to be ours to shine! GO HAWKS