March 17, 2008

Paid In Full

I just paid the tab for my season tickets, which I've kept even though I haven't lived in the pacific northwest since 1999. My parents (who live in the Tri-Cities)actually help out a bit, and they use the tickets the weeks I don't make it out to Qwest.

If you're ever around section 325, row H.. That's where I'd be. :-]

I was at the Bengals game and the Wild-Card game v. DC last year, and I've never seen the Seahawks lose at Seahawks Stadium/Qwest Field (10-0)... Things have changed a bit since I bought the tickets in 1997. Those end-zone seats in the top row of the Kingdome were only $10 apiece (it was nice to have a little shelf behind the seats for our coats, and I usually stood up for the whole game... I also could make a LOT of noise banging on the metal wall behind the seats)... Today my seats at Qwest are $37, which is still pretty affordable by NFL standards.

Who else is a season ticket holder around here? Bonus question: How many of you have NFL Sunday Ticket? Sunday Ticket is probably the greatest human invention since the printing press. :-]


CA Hawk Fan said...

Season Ticket holder in the Charter seats. Just had to cough up the PSL for my single seat (Damn)! I have gotten away with not paying the last two seasons, but not this year. Sect.137,Row G. San Francisco resident that flies up there for every home game except Xmas! I don't have directTV anymore but yes Sunday Ticket is the greatest invention since sliced bread!

Michael Steffes said...

You know me boss, I got season tix and Season Ticket. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

We're season ticket holders and have seven seats in Section 239. Seeing our invoice this year was like looking at the sticker price of a car. Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but only a little.

And you're right. NFL Sunday Ticket is a necessity. Can't imagine life without it!

Anonymous said...

Season ticket holder since 2004. Really lucked out since they offered a four-game pack then. Section 305 Row D. Great seats because there are only 4 rows in these sections, so I have a cement wall behind me. I usually sell one game a year to pay for playoff tickets.

Peter said...

I'm in line. They estimate I'll get a chance to buy in 2009. I can't wait.