March 29, 2008

Strong v. Kennedy

Two relatively unsung bad-asses are going for the Behring Region crown. Make no mistake: Both of these guys could royally fuck shit up. I named my puppy Cortez after we drafted Kennedy in 1990, and Tez lived up to the hype. Inspired to honor his close friend Jerome Brown after his untimely death, Tez changed his number to 99 in 1992 and turned in an all-time great performance: 14 sacks (a huge number for an defensive tackle) and his usual dominance as a run-stopper.. on a 2-14 disaster of a team, no less.

Side note: THAT would be a bad-ass throwback jersey.. Not just a Tez jersey, but a #99 Tez jersey. Tez was also all-pro six times and a pro-bowler eight times, on a team that toiled in mediocre obscurity for almost his entire career. He's very deserving of his place in the Ring of Honor, and merits Hall of Fame consideration.

Mack Strong's career started in those dark days of the '90s, but he got to taste the glory of the Homlgren years as well. In 2005, he was named all-pro and turned in the defining play of his career: a huge 3rd down conversion against the Redskins in the divisional playoffs. The most impressive things about his career? He led the way for 10 different individual 1000-yard rushing efforts over his career, and helped sustain Seattle's ground attack whether he was blocking for Chris Warren, Ricky Watters or Shaun Alexander.

Who ya got?

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Misfit said...

Tez was double and even triple-teamed more often than not. He was a monster! He never took plays off even on terrible teams (see: R.Moss). I agree that he's deserving of HOF consideration. Almost 100 tackles and 4 FFs to go with DKSB's mention of 14 sacks in 1992. 92 tackles from a freakin' DT! I can't wait to vote for him.