March 1, 2008

Anger is a Gift

DKSB's poll on "Most Hated Team" has concluded, and here's the results:

-San Francisco 49ers: 5% (3 votes)

I actually used to kinda like the Niners back in Seattle's AFC West days unless they were playing the Hawks. Rice, Montana, Lott, Craig, etc... Unless you were a Cowboys or Bengals fan, how could you not like those guys?

I got over that pretty quickly when T.O. busted out his sharpie. Fucktard.

Worst Moment vs: Owens pulling out the sharpie on MNF and the Hawks not running down to the end zone en masse to beat him to death.

Best Moment vs: Winning at Candlestick on the final week of 2003 to stay alive for a playoff spot.

-St. Louis Rams: 5% (3 votes)

There is nothing likeable about the Rams. They're a carpetbagging itinerant team who plays inside of a glorified airplane hangar. They tormented us from 2002-2004, but since then we've owned their pathetic, coal-black souls. I'd guess that STL would have gotten more votes if the poll was taken after Josh Brown signed with them.

Worst moment vs: All of 2004, but specifically blowing a 27-10 4th quarter lead at Qwest.. It was all downhill after that.

Best moment vs: Despite his recent betrayal, JB's game-winning kick at STL in 2006 will always be one of my favorite moments in team history.

-Denver Broncos: 9% (5 votes)

The oldsters around here probably still have deep emotional scars from the Elway years. The horse-faced wonder threw for more TDs/yards and won more games against Seattle than any other team. It was a fucking nightmare, kids.

Worst moment vs: Losing to Denver at the Kingdome in the 1984 season finale, blowing a first-round bye.

Best moment vs: Steve Largent destroying Mike Harden in a 1987 win at the Kingdome.

-Dallas Cowboys: 18% (10 votes)

Unless you live in the Dallas metro area, rooting for the Cowboys makes you an utter douchefuck who the entire county loathes. America's team my balls. From Miami to Seattle, from San Deigo to Boston, Americans are united in hatred of that fucking club. I mean, jeez... Hitler is a fan!

Worst moment vs: That MNF collapse at Qwest in 2004... I'm STILL waiting for a decent explanation for the booth failing to review Keyshawn Johnson's "touchdown" late in the game

Best moment vs: Our 21-20 win at Qwest in the 2006 Wild Card playoff.

-L.A./Oakland Raiders: 20% (11 votes)

Another favorite target of national hate, but we battled them for over 20 years in the AFC West. How much did we all hate the Raiders? Behring's greatest crime besides trying to move the team to California was hiring Tom "I teabag Al Davis' wrinkly ballsack" Flores as head coach in 1992. I'm still half-convinced he coached us to 2-14 on purpose... Fucking L.A. Raider sleeper agent.

Worst moment vs: Bo Jax stampeding us on MNF at the dome in 1987.

Best moment vs: Winning at L.A. in the final game of the 1988 season to clinch Seattle's first division title.

-Pittsburgh Steelers: 40% (22 votes)

I guess I don't really need to explain this one, do I? If so, go read this..

Fuck Pittsbugh. If the football gods like us, they will allow us to stomp their asses in XLIII and we can wipe away their various guts and bodily fluids with those stupid yellow towels their fans wave around.

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Mike Barer said...

It really pains me that Seattle doesn't rank. Considering the company that would put us in. Everyone of those teams has a ring!