March 1, 2008

Josh Brown: Worse than Hutch?

Oh JB, I had such a man crush on you. I even bought your jersey last year. Now you've become so convinced that you're Adam Viniateri that, just like him, you've left the team you made your name with to join their hated rivals. You're also now the highest paid kicker in the NFL, even though you STILL would have accomplished that if you had accepted Seattle's latest offer.

Yup, Josh Brown jumped to the Rams for an extra $200,000. What a fucking douche. As Seahawk Addicts argued, Brown is quite a good kicker but still expendable. I actually think JB's decision here is more despicable than Hutchinson's two years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Hutch at least leave for a MUCH larger deal than Seattle put on the table? We'll hopefully use the free cap room to help sign a guy like Alge Crumpler, and replace JB with a cheap youngster in the draft.

Brown gave us a lot of great memories, but at this point I look forward to him shanking a couple when the Hawks play at STL next year (just like he did in XL, by the way). I'll be there to bray in shameful joy. :-]

That's the last time I buy a fucking kicker's jersey. Assbag.

UPDATE: Here I am a year ago with my favorite birthday present. Now I'll have to garage sale this fucker for two bits like I did with my Galloway jersey.


Michael Steffes said...

I wouldn't have bought my dogs a kickers jersey, but hey if you have a man crush, you have a man crush, right.

That said, I don't fault you, Brown seemed like a stand up guy. Turns out he likes to take it deep like a Randy Moss post route. Homo! I hope he gets a staff infection and loses his leg!

Anonymous said...

If i ever see this guy, im gonna fucking kick his ass like a lil bitch and post it on you tube.

BlueThru&Thru said...

Yep, He is our official "AssClown" over at! Check out the left side menu, where the current assclown is located.

Hey, most of us like the guy, but going to a division rival for a couple of hundred thousand more, no matter how the contract was setup, makes you a total "assclown".

Not appreciating a place where you were the most popular kicker in the NFL, where you had more notoriety than you ever will anywhere else, where you were going to be paid as one of the top kickers in the NFL (even though, while often clutch, you aren't one of the best), well, it's lets us know you have an "AssClown" brain.

Further to sign with a sh!tbag team that sucks so badly as the Lambs, well, that just shows that your an idiot, as well as an assclown. See you crying next year when you make a couple of meaningless fieldgoals while we trash the Lambs 36-6. Hope you will be mighty proud of those meaningless points, in a game that is simply on the way to another coronation for the Seahawks.

Ruck the Lambs, and Ruck you, Josh Brown!

DKSB said...

It's ok to say fuck on this blog, and it's ok to be gay. :-]

Just don't go to the fucking Rams, you greedy bald little bugeater.

Michael Steffes said...

Classic Picture!!! If I can find you a Dave Kreig Jersey, I am getting it for you! For fucks sake, that will always be in style! Do you already have one?

Anonymous said...

You're wrong on Hutch, he didn't leave for a bigger deal. The Seahawks tried to match the Vikings deal exactly, but the poison-pill language required time travel for the Seahawks to meet it (Hutch had to be the highest paid lineman at the time the offer was signed, they couldn't restructure later).

That said, Brown is a douche-bag. To hell with him.

Anonymous said...

Massive Josh Brown jersey burning!

Mike Barer said...

Not to defend Brown, but teams are not much more loyal to the players either in the National Football League.