March 13, 2008

Dilfer Cut By Niners... Broadcast booth next?

A nostaligic part of me wants us to re-acquire Trent Dilfer, but then I remember how fucking terrible he looked against us last season... Ick.. Just putrid. I also don't think we really have any logical coaching positions open for him, so I expect him to hang it up and head to the announcer's booth (I think he has a very bright future in broadcasting).

For a brief period, Trent Dilfer was the Seahawks' savior. In relief of Hasselbeck in late 2001 he went 4-0 as the starter and led the Hawks right up to the edge of the playoffs (Fucking John Hall and Spurgeon Wynn fucked us out of a wild card slot). After Dilfer popped his achilles tendon at Dallas in '02, he was mainly a mentor for Hasselbeck. But he also turned in some memorable moments in relief, such as scrambling for a first down late against Arizona in 2004, helping us clinch a playoff spot.

He might be done playing in the NFL, but he'll always be remembered by Seahawks fans... Plus, we might have gained an announcer who knows more than jack-shit about the Seahawks :-]

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