March 12, 2008


I just posted a couple of days ago about the impending release of Shaun Alexander... I wanted to add a few more thoughts, particularly about fan reaction to his release.

First of all, I'm completely in favor of his release. I simply think he's got nothing left, and we are in the business of trying to win XLIII, not wallowing in the past.

However, a lot of the fan reaction has me flummoxed... In my unscientific survey of online reaction (and frankly, out here in Illinois I have little else to go on), I've found most of it to be rabidly negative towards Alexander. There's a depressing "good riddance" edge to a lot of the online chatter about SA, and that's completely unfair... and retarded.

Let's face facts, y'all.. As much as we might not like his running style or his personality, this is the truth about SA:

-He's the only Seahawk to ever be named NFL MVP.
-He's one of the top five players in Seahawks history (I rank him up there with Jones, Largent, Hasselbeck and Easley). Even if you want to argue about that, he's the greatest running back in Seattle history, and that's a group that includes Curt Warner, Ricky Watters and Chris Warren.
-Without him, we would still be part of the pathetic franternity of teams who have never been to a Super Bowl. Isn't it nice to hold something over the Cardinals, Saints, Lions, Browns, Texans, and Jaguars?

Yes, he's gotta go. But why all the hate for a guy who was absolutely essential to the greatest season (and greatest era) in Seattle Seahawks history?

I really don't get it. On the other hand, even I have to admit this is pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

The blocking ability of Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Ryan Hannam (sealing the edges) and Joe Jurevicius (downfield blocking allowing for long runs to become longer runs) had more to do the the Seahawks in SB XL than Shaun did.

Like most decent RBs, if they have holes they are going to look good. See Shaun in '04/'05 (especially those two years).

Like most decent RBs, if you have crappy players like a young Rob Sims blocking for you, the other guys are getting older like Gray or replaced due to injury (Spencer) and your TEs, WRs, and FB isn't as good and you are going to look bad. See Shaun in '06/07.

Yes, he's lost a step, but he got too much credit in '05 and he got too much blame in '07.