March 14, 2008

I Heart Cuss Words

I think The Big Lebowski explains it best:

I've gotten some complaints about my liberal use of profanity here on DKSB, and my short response is this:

I talk about dick jokes right up at the top of this bastage.. What did you expect? Maybe momma didn't raise me right, but I grew up on HBO, which meant watching a lot of Scorsese movies and Eddie Murphy Delirious on a loop. An extremely foul mouth is almost encoded in my DNA. That gives me a paper-thin excuse to post a clip from Delirious (and one from Raw)

So anyway, once again those with delicate constitutions are warned that DKSB is R-rated. :-]

I guess I should mix in some Seahawks content here... hmm..

Lofa Tatupu is one carnivorous mother fucker!

1 comment:

Kables said...

Complaining about profanity on a football blog is like complaining about profanity in a bar: fucking incongruous. This is the most violent major sport in the world, after all. (Unless you count politics.)