March 25, 2008

DKSB's Pre-Draft Power Rankings/Playoff Teams

Seahawk Addicts has posted its pre-draft power rankings, and since I'm an idea-stealing copycat, here's my top 10:

1. Colts
2. Chargers
3. Patriots
4. Seahawks
5. Cowboys
6. Jaguars
7. Browns
8. Giants
9. Saints
10. Vikings

For good measure, here's my playoff seeds (from 1-6) in each conference:

NFC: Seahawks, Cowboys, Saints, Vikings, Giants, Packers

AFC: Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Browns, Jags, Texans


Realspd said...

I dont think the browns get in. D. Anderson will not be able to lead them for a whole season. Look at his numbers, 4 games with qb ratings under 60, 2 comming in the last 3 weeks against BUF and CIN when they were trying to make a push for the playoffs. He will strugle which leads to a qb controversy and Quinn going in. Their defense is not good enough to make up for any lapse in offense. -realspd

Michael Steffes said...

Steal this Douchenozzle!!:-) Just Kidding, I love the optimism baby!!!