March 14, 2008

Seahawks Bracketology: Multiple play-in games!!!

I've decided to expand the "Play in" games to include a few of the excluded players who have popped up the most in comments and e-mails... Here they are... You'll have until Sunday night at 11:59 to vote... The winners will occupy the bottom four seeds in the Behring Region.

Christian Fauria v. Grant Wistrom

Patrick Hunter v. Sam Adams

Todd Peterson v. Patrick Kerney

Robert Blackmon v. Kevin Mawae

Have at it!


Misfit said...

Sweet. What fun this site is! What about Shawn Springs? Did he make a list that I missed?

DKSB said...

Yeah, Springs is the #11 seed in the Behring Region.. Glad you enjoy the site! :-]