March 19, 2008

National Media Coverage of the Seahawks (Condensed Version)

(Photo courtesy of The Sports Hernia)

-Boy, they sure miss Steve Hutchinson!

-They drop a lot of passes!

-Shaun Alexander is soft!

-Matt Hasselbeck threw an interception in a playoff game after being boastful five years ago!

-You know what comes from Seattle? Coffee! And Microchips!

-It rains a lot in Seattle! Why don't they have a dome anymore!?!

-You know what never gets old? Pike Place Market fish-throwing footage!

-They can't win on the road! (Regular season road record 2004-2007: 16-16)

-Those green(?!?) uniforms sure look funny!

-Boy, it sure is a long plane ride out here to Seattle!


Anonymous said...

It would be humorous if they didn't mean most of what they say. They all suffer from Assholeis Maximus.

Also, can't these supposed "sports experts" ever pronounce Matt's last name correctly? HasselBECK, not HasselBACK, fellas.


Michael Steffes said...

Just think about how much you're going to miss Sean Salisbury!

I just threw up after writing that!

Realspd said...

On of my favorite sports cast moments can be relived by firing up the dvr and watching the superbowl. They call SA "the ghost". I had never heard anyone call him that before that game and never heard it sense. It's like they knew nobody would ever know they pulled that out of their arse.
Also, we need more games with Madden at the helm this year! "Now, now, now, when the receiver, see, when he makes the catch there in the, in the end zone, see, thats a Touchdown, see and thats all on him, thats what he is supposed to do."