January 26, 2009

Holy Crap! I Forgot!

This blog has been pumping out content for over a year now (since Jan. 24, 2008), and I totally spaced on the 1-year anniversary... We've grown a bit, and I like to think DKSB has built up a small but elite cadre of followers. As long as y'all keep reading (and according to Google Analytics, a few hundred people are), I'll keep writing. Fuck, I'll probably keep blathering here if it's just me and my little brother reading it... But I hope everyone stays entertained.

Here's a few greatest hits from the early days:

Why Dave Krieg's Strike Beard?

Tiebreaker Pain

Are #12 Fan jerseys kick-ass or gaytarded?

Pink Uniforms in Tecmo Bowl???

Hey, idiots.. our unis are not now, nor have they ever been green.


Lori Thompson said...

Love the blog, congrats on the one year anniversary!


DKSB said...

Thanks! This also happens to be the 300th post on DKSB...

Anonymous said...

How did you become a Hawks fan?

DKSB said...

I started watching at age 8 during the playoff run of '83... My dad took me to the Hawks/Patriots regular season finale at the Dome, and I fell in love forever.

There's more to it, but that's the short version.