March 4, 2008

Good Riddance, Favre.

"You're still not as good as me, you overrated asswedge."

This is where I'm supposed to magnanimously wax poetic about the career of Brett Favre, right? Pffft. Fuck that guy. My only regret is that we'll probably have to put up with him as an announcer from here on out and suffer through days of masturbatory reflections on his overlong and overrated career.

First of all, I know he's racked up all these passing records, but he's also pulled these tricks off:

-SIX interceptions in a 2001 playoff game at STL
-That astoundingly stupid interception he tossed in OT at Philly in the 2003 Playoffs
-An even STUPIDER interception in OT of this year's NFC title game v. NYG

Oh, but I'm supposed to forgive him because he was "just trying to make a play," right? Fuck that noise. In fact, I'd rank ALL of these QBs above him on my all-time list:

1. Joe Montana
2. Dan Marino
3. John Elway
4. Payton Manning
5. Tom Brady
6. John Unitas
7. Terry Bradshaw
8. Roger Staubach
9. Steve Young
10. Troy Aikman

Suck on that Favre... You're not even in the top ten, you pill-popping douche.

The fucked thing is this: Green Bay has only won three playoff games since 1998, and two were against the Seahawks. Fuck!

I can't wait to watch us make Aaron Rodgers our bitch at Qwest next fall...


Alex said...

Bradshaw sucked. No way Bradshaw is better than Favre.

DKSB said...

Thoughful commentary there, alex.

However, Bradshaw's three additional Super Bowl rings and Two Super Bowl MVP awards beg to differ.

Michael Steffes said...

Dude did win a Superbowl w/ a stress fractured leg? Granted he ate vicodin like it was popcorn, but he had SOME redeeming qualities. Plus, did he ever have a truly great player on offense to help him. Sharpe for 3 years before he mangled himself. Dorsey Levens? Antonio Freeman? No shit he threw a lot of picks. Gotta admit it was great when he called Javon Walker out for not honoring his contract. He a QB, but with a Packer fan mentality.

It did get the best of him though, retiring because he couldn't have Randy Moss. Ok, you win, he is an assclown!

Mike Barer said...

No Drew Bledsoe?

DKSB said...

I love me some Drew, but he's not in the all-time top 10...

...and Favre is a hall of famer.. I'm just sick of everyone swinging from his hairy sack saying he's the best ever.

Alex said...

Bradshaw was good at two things - getting sacked and throwing the ball 80 yards downfield after the league invented pass interference and DBs couldn't figure how to cover anymore. There are dozens of guys of guys who can do that - no one will ever be able to do what Favre did in terms of durability, and few could match his skill at improvisation and arm strength. We look back on Bradshaw, and it all seems so impressive, but at the time, especially before PI was being called, people were calling for Bradshaw to be benched, with reason. Hasselbeck is a better QB than Bradshaw.

DKSB said...

Sal Pal gets the favre issue right, and without swearing!