March 16, 2008

Seahawks Bracketology: Patera Region Second Round

The first results are in, and here are the match-ups for the 2nd round of the Patera Region (1970s players):

#1 Steve Largent v. #9 Keith Simpson

#2 Jim Zorn v. #10 Dan Doornink

#3 Dave Brown v. #11 Steve Raible

#4 Sherman Smith v. #12 Michael Jackson

Upsets abound! Vote on the 2nd round over in the right margin, y'all.


Michael Steffes said...

Michael Jackson Baby!!!!! Play that sweet waterpipe Cinderella! Play it right into the final four!

Anonymous said...

No way dude. Sherman Smith was a much bigger player for the Hawks. He was their first RB, and just a cool guy. #47 baby, on to the next round.