March 28, 2008

Zorn v. Largent

In the finals of the Patera Region, it's two best friends forced to fight to the death.. Just like Kirk and Spock! Or Barnaby Jones and Killface!

I'm no dummy... Largent's gonna win this one. You've got one of the greatest recievers in NFL history v. a QB who threw 30 more interceptions than touchdowns over his career. Older Hawks fans have a lot of fond nostalgia about Zorn, but he frankly wasn't THAT great. DKSB's vote in the last round went for the late Dave Brown, actually.

However, he was named the 8th best moblie QB of all time, and they combined to be named the 10th best passing combo of all time (even thought Dave Krieg threw 46 tds to Largent compared to 43 from Zorn)...

My prejudice in favor of Krieg is coming through quite a bit here, huh? I'm totally open to hearing from the Zornites, because I didn't see him in his prime... What was so compelling about him, despite the putrid stats (a 67.3 career QB rating???? Yipes.)?


Michael Steffes said...

I think Tez should battle all the other elite eight members at once....It is only fair, the rest of the guys, except Walt are little

Anonymous said...

In a time when a winning record was still a dream, having a mobile go for it all QB like Zorn was something to marvel at. Remember we were still in our infancy as far as watching home team pro football and the hawks simple trick plays and down field heroics was all so spectacular, so any guy who went for it was a hero to us. Be damned the statistics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Zorn was just fun to watch. We had no OL and we were the new kids in the NFL. We had nowhere near the talent expansions teams have had more recently, and instead we had a whole lot of imagination on offense and a crazy QB with long hair from California who was probably the fastest guy on the field, and who threw better on the run than in the pocket.

He was a great athlete and pretty fast. They used to run QB draws with him and roll-outs and the whole bit. He was just a lot of fun to watch.

Think Boise State in the NFL, and you'll get the idea.

We didn't win that many games, but we came very close in 1978 to making the playoffs (12 men on the field in the Denver game cost us a playoff berth).

It was a hell of a time to watch the Hawks, and great, great fun.